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Customer service training so good that your customers will drool

Learn powerful and practical strategies to provide amazing, over-the-top customer service


Did you know?

Most customers are inclined to conduct business elsewhere if they don't receive a consistent customer service experience.

Rationally satisfied customers are just as likely to abandon a business as dissatisfied customers.

Even though 80% of CEOs believe that their businesses provide superior customer service, only 8% of their customers actually agree.

Core Customer Service Skills

Master the basics

  • Listening and Empathy

  • "Amping Up" the Customer Service Attitude

  • Cultivating Emotional Connections

  • Working with Irate Customers

  • Following Through

21st Century Customer Service Skills

Use technology diplomatically and effectively

  • Corresponding through Email and Live Chat

  • Using Social Media

  • Handling Online Customer Complaints and Reviews

  • Communicating Proactively

  • Creating Memorable Customer Experiences

Customer Service Culture

Improve your culture  

  • Defining Purpose

  • Connecting Departmental Silos

  • Improving Internal Customer Service

  • Ensuring Organizational Alignment

  • Mentoring Future Leaders

Unlimited Participants 


Access to Training Materials


Record for Internal Training Purposes


Pre-Training Strategy Sessions


Post-Training Follow-Up Sessions


Customized for your Particular Business


Satisfaction Guaranteed


Our customer service training is packed with incredible value

Practical, Enagaging, and Interactive 


Practical, engaging, relevant, and fun! The training furnished my staff with the ability to hone in on what we do, differentiate us, and equip us to make our excellence in customer service resonate across the agency.

Vania Schwab, Lead Program Specialist

U.S. Forest Service

We particularly liked the "customization" aspect of your program and appreciate that you took the time to learn about our particular business so that we could immediately apply what we learned with great success. Thank you again!

Nancy DeLuca, Owner

First Priority Travel

That's why we provide our clients with a mini customer service drool pail. After all, you don't want all of that drool from your customers creating a slip-and-fall hazard. See, we already saved you money in potential insurance claims!

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in the nation's heartland of Iowa, LearnAcre trains and inspires businesses and organizations throughout the United States to provide amazing, over-the-top customer service.

About Us

Providing customer service excellence is one of the most effective strategies to differentiate a business or organization from competitors.

Any business or organization of any size is capable of providing customer service excellence.

Customer service training should be practical, engaging, and sticky.

Our Core Beliefs and Principles

Mark is not only passionate about customer service, but he also leverages his broad skill set to engage and inspire audiences to action.

Mark A Gruwell

Executive Leader: Mark facilitated and led organizational-wide customer service initiatives, continuous quality improvement projects, and professional development training sessions.

Front-Line Customer Service Representative: Mark worked directly with customers in a variety of profit and non-profit sectors, including retail, cable, social service, recreational, and education. 

Crisis Counselor: Mark not only counseled suicidal individuals at a short-term crisis stabilization unit and over a suicide telephone hotline, but he also supervised and trained other telephone counselors. Many of Mark's core customer service strategies arise from his experience as a crisis counselor.

Educator: Mark taught at both the high school and college levels. Known for his talent to engage learners of all ages, Mark received an Instructor of the Year award as a college professor, and his high school students achieved record learning gains on the statewide assessment. 

Standup Comedian: Mark performed amateur standup comedy, and he has an engaging and memorable stage presence.

Trial Attorney: Mark conducted numerous trials, which provides him with the ability to persuade audiences through storytelling, analogies, and legal perspectives.


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